Washington Post: "There's little more delicious than watching an ambitious but tragically flawed heroine brought down - especially in a designer cocktail dress. In Everybody Rise, debut novelist Stephanie Clifford has written a smart tragicomedy...Clifford delivers a sagacious nod to the charmed life. Although Everybody Rise owes much and pays homage to its predecessors, particularly Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth, it's no copycat—especially since Evelyn's fate takes a turn as sharp and smart as her creator's intellect, making this tale a 21st-century fable of one woman's reconstruction."

Vanity Fair: "Finally, a novel that admits 'making it' in New York isn't just a makeover away...Realistic examination of being young in New York—albeit one that's as warm and witty as an Anne Hathaway fairy tale." 

New York Times Book Review (Everybody Rise was also a NYTBR Editor's Choice pick): "Capturing New York City in the overheated moment preceding the financial crisis...In a tightly plotted narrative, Clifford shows how Evelyn's tenuous initiation into this most elite of social network coincides with an increasingly desperate effort to secure her footing there. Clifford details the manners of the old-money set with a reporter's well-trained eye...Suggestive, lyrical."  - Rebecca Mead 

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National Post (Canada): "If Edith Wharton were alive today, this modern day class struggle would set her up for some stark rivalry. From the Lilly Pulitzer dresses to the debutante balls to the regatta competitions, New York Times reporter Stephanie Clifford expertly conveys the ambition of an outsider desperate to make her way into an untouchable world. As the plot thickens, Beegan’s life becomes a trainwreck you can’t help but watch through your fingers, flipping the pages faster and faster to the end. If the top of the heap is the American dream, Everybody Rise is a good reminder that most of us can continue to dream on."

Goop: "Stephanie Clifford's Everybody Rise delves into the world of social climbing in a way that's as insightful as it is hilarious."

Time: Lists Everybody Rise as one of the hottest books of summer, calling it a "Manhattan-set class satire with the bite to satisfy postrecession readers."

InStyle: "not to be missed...an intriguing look at class distinctions and social climbing."

San Francisco Chronicle: recommended by local booksellers and again recommended by local booksellers.

Glamour Book Club/Glamour.com: "The compelling climb and fast pace of the rest of the book makes this read well worth our recommendation. The complex relationships, authentic characters, OMG moments, and cringe-worthy exchanges will continue to stick in your mind long after you put Everybody Rise down."

Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter: "It’s a juicy, scheme-filled update on Edith Wharton, and it’s unputdownable."

Vogue lists Everybody Rise in its People Are Talking About section.

Entertainment Weekly's "Summer Must List" includes Everybody Rise. 

Elle lists Everybody Rise on its culture calendar: "a modern-day Edith Wharton."

Marie Claire lists Everybody Rise in its summer-reads roundup: "Gossip Girl fans, rejoice! Behold the literary version of a Jenny-esque narrated story, had she met Blair and Serena in her mid-20s. Cue lies, affairs and mounting debt."

Cleveland Plain Dealer"Drily observant...it succeeds on several levels. Evelyn is a believable character because she's as flawed as she is likable. Readers of this sort of novel do want all the juicy details about closed societies, and Clifford is able to provide them. But she does so with a modern sensibility and a core of compassion that keeps the reader engaged and maybe even rooting for Evelyn."

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: An "expertly told novel of manners...This relentlessly fascinating story of old money and callous ambition could very well be the most talked-about book of the summer."

Wichita Public Radio"Pure pleasure...the age-old story of wanting what we can't have."

Maclean's on Edith Wharton-inspired novels, including Everybody Rise, and the related Maclean's podcast.

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Audible chooses the Everybody Rise audio recording as an "Editors Select" pick. "Stephanie Clifford’s writing in her debut novel Everybody Rise is as effortless as a summer day – and the perfect companion for an end of the season trip to the beach. Set in 2006 New York City, Clifford drops the veil on a money-obsessed society at its peak, just before an economic crisis threatens their old world lifestyle. At the heart of the book is 26 year-old Evelyn, who lives just outside the city’s rich epicenter, and becomes sociopathic in her quest to claw her way in. Katherine Kellgren, who oozes charm in all she does, is the natural choice to bring to life these morally reprehensible and unfathomably desperate characters on this entertaining, escapist journey." 

An IndieNext pick! "“In her debut novel, Clifford deftly updates The House of Mirth to show that belonging to the social elite is still not for the faint of heart....Just as Wharton’s Lily Bart learns the hard way, fitting in with the ‘who’s who’ takes some shrewd negotiation. Is it worth the compromise just to prove you’re worthy to be ‘somebody’? Clifford’s characters are complex and the choices they make follow intriguing paths in this engaging and moving story.” 

Amazon "Best Books of the Month." 

Barnes & Noble "August Top Picks in Fiction." 

Goop picks Everybody Rise as one of its best summer reads: "a fun page-turner from a New York Times reporter that lives in the world of Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep: It revolves around boarding schools, the UES, and Lake George."

Book Page: "With Everybody Rise, Clifford has crafted a sharp and witty cautionary tale about wealth...Her shrewd look at upper-class dynamics in modern-day New York society takes up the torch of Edith Wharton. And although her story is sobering in its scope, Clifford keeps it afloat with bursts of comedy; the end result is a thoughtful yet entertaining yarn that manages to bring to mind both The Great Gatsby and The Shopaholic series. Filled with scandal and schadenfreude, Everybody Rise will keep readers flipping pages." 

LibraryReads: Librarians choose Everybody Rise for the August 2015 LibraryReads list: "With a sympathetic main character and a fascinating look into how the other half lives, this astute tale is irresistible." 

The Hollywood Reporter says Everybody Rise is "the summer's most anticipated beach read...a funny, sharply observed debut novel about young one percenters in New York" and "a buzzy Tom-Wolfe-meets-Edith-Wharton novel of young Manhattan." Read the excerpt here

Good Housekeeping calls Everybody Rise "addictive: think Prep meets The Devil Wears Prada." 

Entertainment Weekly picks Everybody Rise as one of 10 Big Fat Beach Reads, calling it "an intoxicating blend of class, ambition, and money." 

Library Journal's starred review says Everybody Rise is "a compulsive, up-close-and-personal read about the first cracks in the greed-and-bleed U.S. economy that went flying off the rails so spectacularly a short time later."

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